The right decoration accents can completely transform a home, helping to create a more inviting atmosphere while simultaneously showing off your personal sense of style. But which decoration accents will make the biggest impact in your house? Here’s a closer look at five household essentials that will make a difference in any part of the home.

1. Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the most versatile decoration accents available, and can have a huge impact in every room of the house. Mirrors are perfect for reflecting pre-existing light sources to help a room feel brighter and larger. Alternatively, they can be used to place further emphasis on other pieces of home decor. From large full-length mirrors to smaller decorative pieces, the sheer variety of styles and shapes available makes it easy to find a mirror that blends well with the rest of your home decor. Whether you need to check your reflection in the morning or wish to make your entryway feel larger, there are plenty of great uses for a mirror.

2. Wall Art

When it comes to displaying your unique stylistic tastes, you can’t go wrong with wall art. The right piece of art can serve as the perfect decorating touch in the living room or bedroom — and yes, some homeowners find wall art that is a great fit for the kitchen or bathroom, too. Whether you wish to display a traditional “fine art” painting or something with a modern flair, there are countless options available to help you make each room truly one of a kind. You don’t have to limit yourself to paintings, either. Many homeowners use tapestries, decals, or wall sculptures for an even more unique look.

3. Wall Shelves

Looking to combine style and functionality? Then wall shelves are the perfect decorating option. The actual shelves can range from simple to ornate, while simultaneously drawing the eye upwards to help the room appear larger. Of course, wall shelves are also a great way to make use of your vertical space. While some homeowners use their shelves to house small sculptures, photographs, and other decorative pieces, others use them for books or other practical items. This versatility makes wall shelves a great addition throughout the home.

4. Area Rugs

Your walls aren’t the only area that can benefit from decorative accent pieces. Your floor will also stand out from the norm when you bolster its appearance with an area rug. Most frequently used on hardwood floors, area rugs are a great fit for almost any part of the house. A wide variety of colors and patterns are available, allowing homeowners to choose everything from traditional ornate designs to a bold modern look. Depending on the type of material you have, an area rug can even be a great option for carpeted rooms. Careful coordination with wall accent pieces will further unify the room’s appearance.

5. Decorative Furniture

If you have the available floor space, there is an incredible array of decorative furniture pieces available that will add to your home’s unique style. For example, easels can serve as a great alternative for displaying pieces of art. Room dividers and decorative baskets have practical functions while also serving as an artistic method of filling large spaces. Some homeowners even make a statement with globes and other ornate pieces. Rather than letting extra space go to waste, you’re far better off using it as a way of highlighting your unique stylistic sensibilities.

Get Decorating

Whether you wish to use all of these decoration accents or only one or two, there’s no denying that they can go a long way in helping you make your house truly your own. As you find pieces that match your personal preferences and your pre-existing home decor, you’ll be able to fully customize each part of your house in a way that you’ll love for years to come.