While many people associate a vanity mirror with lights as something used exclusively by actors and musicians before they go onstage, the reality is that installing a vanity mirror with lights in your bathroom or another part of your house can be a great way to light up the room in a truly unique fashion. Of course, it’s not always easy to find a vanity mirror that comes with preinstalled lights. And not everyone wants their vanity mirror to be lined with large light bulbs in the first place. So how can you achieve that “backstage” glamor for your own vanity mirror?

Thankfully, highlighting your vanity mirror with lights isn’t as impossible as you might think. With a little ingenuity and some careful work – or simply by purchasing the right custom mirror products – your vanity mirror can become the focal point of your room, making it easier than ever to apply makeup or feel like a star.

Here are a few ways you can get this done.

LED Strips

One of the more commonly used methods for lighting vanity mirrors today is to place LED strips behind the mirror. LED lighting creates a soft, even glow without the harsh shadows that are sometimes cast by traditional light bulbs. The even lighting makes it easy to finish whatever hair or makeup-related task you might be working on.

LED strips provide a more modern appearance to your bathroom, and are perfectly suited for functioning with narrow mirrors so you can get the lighting you need out of a more compact area. Better yet, LED lighting is highly energy efficient, ensuring that your beautification efforts won’t drive up your electric bill. Many LED lighting systems also come with dimmers, which allow you to adjust the brightness as needed for extra energy savings.

If your vanity mirror doesn’t come with backlit LED lighting, there are several options that allow you to install LED strips on your own with relative ease. Some companies offer peel and stick LED lighting that allow you to wrap quality lights around the mirror surface without the need for any technical expertise. All you need to do is line the lighting strips up with the edge of the mirror and plug them in!

Wall Lamps

Another common method for setting up a vanity mirror with lights is to install wall lamp bars along either side of the mirror. Typically about two feet in length, wall lamp bars come with multiple light bulbs to allow you to perfectly mimic the backstage vanity mirror style, making them a great option if you need to add the lighting yourself.

It’s worth noting that installing wall lamps does require a bit more work than placing LED strips around the edge of your mirror surface. Depending on the type of vanity mirror you have, you will likely need to start by creating a wood frame that will go around the mirror itself. If you already have a pre-existing frame, you can use that instead, but you will need to be careful that your efforts do not accidentally damage the frame. You will then screw the light bars to the frame, after which, you will need to connect the wiring with extension cords in order to supply the lights with power.

While this method can prove quite tricky, it can also leave you with a perfect imitation of the backstage dressing room. Of course, a far easier option if you desire this look is to simply shop for vanity mirror models that come with pre-installed lighting. The amount of technical expertise required to successfully install wall lamps without damaging your mirror or frame can be a bit daunting, even for the most avoid of DIY enthusiasts.