If you’re looking to breathe some new life into your house and create a fresh, dynamic look in your image in your favourite rooms as well as your underused rooms, we’ll give you some ideas for making your home a bright, contemporary place.

Mirrors for a modern look

A fetish object, the mirror is at once decorative and practical. Placed in each room of a house, it lets you discreetly decorate a specific place and lets each person use it to contemplate themselves. A well-placed mirror can also fulfill several functions: it reflects light, highlights a specific object, opens up the space, gives a certain perspective, and adds brightness to the present colours. Finally, the mirror is an essential object both for modern decor and for our daily lives. It brings a touch of refinement and elegance to the room, and really brightens up your interior.

The place of mirrors in modern decor

  • In a hallway or an entrance: Since hallways and entrances are often underused due to their dark side and their lack of natural light, a bit of modern decor will give some life back to these previously neglected areas. To do this, the mirror is without a doubt your best ally. To make these rooms brighter, you can choose to hang a round mirror above a brightly coloured sideboard and install two small, preferably adjustable lamps beside the mirror to reflect the light throughout the hallway or entryway.
  • In a living or dining room: The living areas (living rooms and dining rooms) often take up the most space in a house. Using mirrors to accentuate their size and highlight them is therefore an excellent idea if you want to give your decor an update. Since mirrors are wall accessories that add depth to a space, they should be placed high up, in front of an object you want to highlight with their reflection, or in front of windows or bay windows to spread the light throughout the room.
  • In a bedroom: An essential accessory in a bedroom, a mirror should ideally be long and vertical if it’s placed near a closet, so you can look at yourself from head to toe each day. For a modern look, you can choose a self-supporting vertical mirror – that is to say, a long mirror that you can move around depending on your desires and based on the light. Mirrors on closet doors give a retro side to your decor and force you to look at yourself each time you pass by them. Both attractive and practical, self-supporting mirrors are all the rage in the most modern places.
  • In a bathroom: Since the bathroom is a place that lends itself to self-contemplation, it can be appealing to add multiple mirrors to give a bold, modern look to this room’s decor. Available in all shapes, sizes, and styles, mirrors are truly magical objects that reflect light, colour, and yourself throughout the room. While before it was primarily a practical object, the modern bathroom mirror is now a luxury object that, when combined with noble materials such as marble, can be incomparably beautiful.

To give life back to a room and create a perfect modern look, adding mirrors to your walls will attract attention and give your house a breath of fresh air.