Contemporary wall mirrors have become quite popular among those seeking a sleek, stylish look for their décor. Whether you are looking to use mirrors as a form of wall art, or you are looking for an interesting striking mirror for your bathroom, there are a variety of contemporary mirrors to suit your tastes.The following are five of the top features of contemporary wall mirrors.


Frameless mirrors are very popular in contemporary design. These sleek mirrors combine both functionality and simplicity to produce a design that is practical yet very stylish. Contemporary design prides itself on keeping everything simplistic with modern accents. Frameless mirrors are not only streamlined in appearance; they are also very easy to install which further increases their stylish yet practical charm.

Available in numerous sizes, shapes and colors, frameless mirrors are one of most prevalent contemporary features for wall mirrors.

Asymmetrical Designs

Circles, squares and rectangles are fine, but if you really want to add a contemporary feel to your décor a unique-shaped wall mirror is definitely the way to go. There are a variety of contemporary wall mirrors that feature attention grabbing shapes that are sure to catch your eye. Sunburst mirrors are a contemporary wall mirror design favorite as they feature the classic circular mirror accented with the eye-catching ray design that makes it so unique. Consider purchasing a contemporary wall mirror that is reminiscent of a modern sculpture at your local museum to bring a little style into your home.


Lighted mirrors are not just for the bathroom. You can place them anywhere in your home to create a compelling look for your décor. Many lighted mirrors are very simplistic in style so as not to take away from the lighting features. Using LED technology, lighted mirrors offer the contemporary favorite of practical designs with a modern edge. These mirrors come in different shapes, sizes and some even allow you to choose the lighting color.

Unique Materials

There are certain materials that are very popular in contemporary design. Use of metals, acrylics and woods are commonplace. Contemporary wall mirrors follow suit with the use of rustic metals, resins and simplistic wood designs to create a streamlined look that combines modern minimalism with a touch of style.

Metals are a popular choice for contemporary wall mirrors. Whether you prefer the polished shiny look or a more subdued brushed metal, wall mirrors with these features are sure to fit in well with your contemporary décor.

Other materials such as resin and acrylic, offer a unique spin on contemporary mirrors allowing you to choose mirrors that are fashioned into different shapes and colors. These types of contemporary wall mirrors are often just as durable as their wood and metal counterparts at a fraction of the price. Thus, mirrors made with these materials are a great option if you are seeking the contemporary look on a budget.

Mirrors as Wall Décor

When form is more important than function, mirrored wall art is a great choice. There are a number of contemporary wall mirrors that are works of art in the form of wall sculpture. Best suited as wall décor, these types of mirrors are available in unique shapes and sizes. Oftentimes, these mirrors are used as a focal point for a wall. From wavy mirrors to the welded mirror art made with metal and wood, mirrors that function as wall décor are a perfect addition to any contemporary décor.

If you are looking to make your décor more contemporary, consider these features when purchasing contemporary wall mirrors for your home.