Mirrors are a great way to make a room feel larger while simultaneously improving lighting within the home. With so many shapes and styles available these days, it has never been easier for homeowners to find a place where a mirror can make a difference.

Of course, those who are interested in long wall mirrors may sometimes wonder where these larger pieces would have the best impact. After all, depending on the size, long wall mirrors may not be suited for smaller rooms with less available wall space. So where should you hang long wall mirrors in your home? Here are a few ideas to help you get started on using these pieces to improve your home decor.

Staircases and Hallways

Staircases and hallways rarely get much attention when decorating the house, yet long wall mirrors can make a big difference in these areas. Quite often, a narrow hallway can leave guests with a cramped feeling, even if there is enough room to comfortably navigate the hall. This is especially true of indoor hallways that don’t have much exposure to natural light from other rooms.

Strategic placement of long wall mirrors can help offset these common issues by reflecting what natural or artificial light is available. This creates the illusion of more space, ensuring that the inviting feeling you attempt to create with the rest of your home decor doesn’t vanish upon using that hallway or staircase.


How can you have confidence that you’re ready for a new day? By checking your reflection in the mirror, of course! Long wall mirrors are a perfect addition to any bedroom. In addition to bringing more light into the room and helping a smaller bedroom feel larger, large wall mirrors are a convenient solution for making sure you’re looking great after getting dressed in the morning.

When determining where to place a long wall mirror in your bedroom, choose a location that will give you room to step back and examine your full reflection. Some individuals will even hang a mirror from a closet door to accomplish this. With a long wall mirror in your bedroom, you can always be sure that you’ll look your best.

The Living Room and Dining Room

Remember, you don’t necessarily have to hang long wall mirrors vertically! Whether you choose to arrange these decor pieces vertically or horizontally, they can serve as an excellent addition to the living room or dining room.

For example, hanging a large rectangular mirror over the living room fireplace can help create an aura of warmth in the room, reflecting the family’s activities and serving as a great focal point. A long wall mirror can also enhance the appeal of your dining room when placed over the server or dining room table. What better way to show off a delicious meal and create a more inviting atmosphere to enjoy it?


A more unique use of long wall mirrors is to use them in conjunction with a skylight. Skylights are a great way to bring natural light into any room, but there’s no denying that some times of day brighten the room better than others. With the help of long wall mirrors, you can maximize this natural lighting so that your rooms are brightly lit throughout the day.

The most common application for long wall mirrors in this scenario is to place them on a wall perpendicular to the skylight or directly underneath it. This allows the mirror to reflect the natural light to the entire room, instead of having the light merely illuminate one wall. In some cases, however, homeowners have installed frameless mirrors in the skylight itself to maximize the reflection of natural light.