A broken mirror… Besides 7 years of “bad luck”, what really can you do with it? Once broken, mirrors are only a mere relic of their former reflecting selves. That is until now.  A broken mirror can’t show your reflection in full, but it can be repurposed into an assortment of useful items. Here are five crafty ways to answer your question of what to do with broken mirror.  

Build Unique Wall Art

Shattered glass can be very beautiful if your know what to do with it. Instead of throwing the pieces of glass in the trash, why not create some unique wall art. Let your imagination run wild.

From a mirrored flower to an array of glass pieces turned into your own version of modern art, the glass pieces can be arranged to make an affordable piece of wall art.

You don’t need any special skills to create wall art from a broken mirror. Just make sure you wear protective gloves while handling the glass as a preventative measure. Most people are able to create their very own mirrored wall art using some strong epoxy glue and a stable surface such as heavy cardboard or canvas for the foundation.

Decorate Old Furniture

Are you covering up your old furniture with tablecloths because of water stains and scuff marks? Why not jazz up your aged furniture pieces with broken glass. You’ve probably seen mirrored furniture in furniture stores. It is very beautiful, but also quite pricey. If you are willing to be crafty  and creative, you can create your own shattered glass furniture for a greatly reduced price.

With a new coat of paint and strategically placed glass pieces, you can turn your once drab furniture into showroom quality marvels. Give it a try, and see just how brilliant your new furniture looks decorated with broken glass.

Create a Jewelry Organizer

Before you throw away that mirror frame, think about all the jewelry you own and how nice it would be to finally have a place to store it. You can use the mirror frame to create your own durable jewelry organizer.

Make sure all the broken glass is thoroughly removed from the frame. Paint the frame a color of your liking. When dry, secure wire to the back of the mirror. Chicken wire or something with openings large enough to hang jewelry is preferred. Trim the excess wire so that it is not visible on the front. You have your very own wire jewelry organizer.
If you want to get extra fancy, you can even add pieces of the broken glass on the surface of the mirror frame as a decorative touch.

Fashion a Mirrored Light

The reflection of light off a mirror is a beautiful sight to behold. You can create your very own hanging mirrored light using broken glass pieces and string lights. Choose your string lights of choice. If you want a striking lighted mirror effect, go with bright lights. If you prefer a more subdued effect, the softer yellow-based lights are best.

You can attach the broken pieces of mirror to the string light using strong epoxy glue. When you turn the string lights on, you will be gifted with dancing light reflecting off the mirrored pieces.

From Mirror Frame to Picture Frame

Don’t throw your mirror frame away after breaking a mirror. It can be repurposed into a beautiful picture frame. You can paint and decorate the frame to your liking, and even add pieces of the broken glass to the frame to give it sparkle. Add a cardboard back for the mounting of your picture and the picture of your choosing. Now you have a brand new picture frame created using all the pieces of your broken mirror.

Broken mirrors aren’t bad luck after all when you know how to make the most use of them in creative ways.