Of all the rooms in your house, the bedroom is without a doubt the most private area — but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be customized to match your unique personality. Indeed, many homeowners use bedroom wall decor and other decorations to enhance the appearance of their bedroom. While you probably won’t be showing off this part of the home to your house guests, the right decor can make all the difference in helping you relax after a long and stressful day. And no piece of bedroom wall decor will better fulfill the dual needs of style and functionality than a mirror.

So why should a mirror be your go-to choice for bedroom wall decor? Here are a few reasons why mirrors are truly your best option:

Getting Ready

Your bedroom is the place where you get dressed in the morning — shouldn’t you make sure your outfit and appearance meet expectations before heading out the door? Far too many people leave the bathroom thinking they are ready for the day, only to make a last-minute adjustment in the bedroom that messes up their hair or results in another fashion mistake. A properly placed mirror makes it easy to examine your reflection and perform any needed adjustments before you head out. This is especially true of a full-length mirror, which allows you to examine yourself head to toe.

Creating Space

While some homes feature large master bedrooms, there’s no denying that many modern houses have relatively small bedroom spaces. This can make the room feel cramped and cluttered — hardly the ideal environment for relaxing after a day at work. When you use a mirror for your bedroom wall decor, however, you instantly create the illusion of more space. The reflection created by a large mirror can help your bedroom look more open while also maximizing light provided by both natural and artificial sources. These two factors will make the bedroom feel much larger than it is, making even the tiniest of bedrooms more appealing.

Style Statements

Of course, a key purpose of all bedroom wall decor is to customize the room with your own personal flavour. A large mirror can actually become the decorative focal point of your bedroom, serving as a key statement piece. Alternatively, placing a mirror in the bedroom corner can serve as a unique design statement. Another popular option is to use a mirror to highlight or balance out other pieces of bedroom decor, such as a painting. Different shapes, sizes, and frame styles make it easy to turn a bedroom mirror into a one of a kind-style statement. If you don’t want to make a big style statement with a mirror, you can always place a smaller mirror in an out-of-the-way part of the bedroom so you can still enjoy its other benefits.

Hide Imperfections

No house or apartment is perfect, and many bedrooms are subjected to unusual design choices that make them look less desirable than you’d like. For example, some apartments even house the circuit breakers in the bedroom! When it comes to covering up these imperfections, a mirror can work just as effectively as a painting — in some cases even more so. Mirrors come in a wide variety of dimensions, from small oval pieces to long rectangular designs, making it easy to find an option that will effectively cover a bedroom imperfection.

The Best Element

By providing a unique combination of both style and functionality, mirrors are an excellent choice for individuals looking for a way to improve their bedroom wall decor. With the right mirror, your bedroom will look better than ever, while also helping you look and feel your best. So go ahead and take a look — there is undoubtedly a place on your bedroom wall where a mirror would be a great addition.