Good day,

At Ô Miroir, we have two types of mirrors. The ones we cannot modify (bought directly from suppliers) and the custom mirrors made with frames. Custom is not necessarily more expensive and it takes about 2-3 weeks to create. We can only create custom mirrors with the frames we have in demonstration in store.

We can also provide single mirror or glass (frameless) to your required dimension and finish (beveled, polish, clean cut).

The mirrors you can see on our website cannot be modified in color or dimension (unless specified).

We have more mirror models and frames samples in store than on our website.

I strongly suggest you come visit us if you can. You don’t need an appointment. Take pictures, ceiling height, wall and furniture dimensions, if possible.

I do not provide measurement service at home although one of my employee does it sometimes on its own for some clients.

Best Regards,

David Bouillet, owner