The vanity mirror is one of the most important components of a bathroom. In many cases, the size of the vanity mirror can make or break the entire feel of a bathroom. If you are like most people, you want at vanity mirror that is not only functional but complementary to the style and atmosphere of your bathroom.With bathroom vanity mirrors, size counts. Selecting the right size mirror will ensure that you get the functional use of a mirror that complements your bathroom in its totality.

Measure Your Space

Before even considering the size of your vanity bathroom mirror, it is very important to measure your space. Your space not only includes the area where you will place the mirror but also the entire length and width of the wall that will hold the mirror as well as the vanity area. Measurements for all these areas matter because it determines how much space you have for a mirror.

Likewise, knowing the measurements of your bathroom space will allow you to select a bathroom vanity mirror that is suitable for your bathroom. While you may prefer a specific look for your vanity mirrors, the desired look may not be feasible or complementary for your space. Measuring your space beforehand allows you to choose a vanity bathroom mirror that is the perfect size for your bathroom.

Determining the Size of Your Mirror

The size of your bathroom vanity mirror is affected by several factors. They include:

  • The size of your vanity
  • The height of your ceilings
  • The size of your room

Size of Vanity

A general rule would be NOT to fit your vanity’s size. Have a few inches inside your vanity or go over it if possible. A mirror fitting your vanity’s size will create two long straight lines on both sides which is not recommended. If you go inside, make sure the mirror’s frame do not finish too close to you sink. You don’t want to move your head from left to right in order to see yourself correctly if your mirror is too close to it. If you have a larger vanity, you may choose to have two regular mirrors (and, why not, oval or round ?). A large mirror is perfect for families sharing the same bathroom. Single sink vanities would do well with a 24×36 mirror placed at a correct height above the vanity for maximum viewing and aesthetic appeal.

Height of Ceilings

The height of your ceilings will also determine the size of your mirror. Using larger mirrors in bathrooms with taller ceilings can help to create more fluid lines, and larger mirrors are less likely to be “engulfed” by lots of wall space and higher ceilings. Remember, a strategically-sized mirror can make the smallest vanity space quite open and spacious.

Room Size

It is very important to choose a mirror that not only complements your vanity but also the size of your entire bathroom. Bigger is not always better, and yet you don’t want your vanity mirror to be engulfed by the vanity or the surrounding walls. Thus, it is important to consider the overall size of your bathroom when determining the size of your bathroom vanity mirror.

Wall Placement of Your Mirror

The wall placement of your bathroom vanity mirror is important, and the size of the mirror does determine the placement. Generally, the mirror should be a few inches smaller than the vanity and centered above the basin. When determining how high to place the vanity mirror on the wall, consider the height of the people using the mirror and find a suitable medium.

Hanging of Your Mirror

Make sure that your wall can hold the weight of your desired bathroom vanity mirror. Smaller mirrors can be easily hanged especially the framed and frameless varieties. Larger mirrors will need special anchoring to ensure that they are properly secured to the wall. Likewise, if you desire custom mirrors for your bathroom vanity, you will likely need both special installation and hanging of your mirrors. Proper measurements are crucial to ensure that the hanging of the mirror is done properly.

Choosing a bathroom vanity mirror of the proper size ensures you have a mirror that is functional and stylistically compatible with your vanity and bathroom.