Who hasn’t dreamed of having a living room that looks like a castle? Before giving your house a complete makeover, examine the potential of each of the decorative objects you own. An old mirror can be restored to become a majestic mirror that will become the focal point of a room and redefine the overall style of your decor.

Restoring a mirror

Whether it’s a damaged or broken old mirror or a mirror that’s been degraded by time or altered by moisture, it’s possible to renovate each part of it and give it an even more beautiful second life. Mirrors are often collectors’ items or objects with sentimental value that we want to keep for a long time despite their great fragility. Having a mirror restored by a professional restorer can therefore help extend its lifespan and restore the value of each mirror in a personalized way according to your tastes. Once the work has been performed with expertise, a professional can also deliver and install this brand-new mirror and recommend the specific location that will best highlight its beauty and its functions.

Choosing a new frame

Choosing a new frame or restoring an old one can really change the style of your mirror to give it a majestic look and make it fit in better with the desired decor.

  • An ornate frame: Ornate or fanciful frames are perfect for adorning and adding decoration to a large room that’s quite plain or dark. Ornaments on mirrors are fanciful additions to frames that personalize them, make them unique, and give them a touch of originality. Using fasteners or upholstery nails, it’s possible to hold small mirrors, branches from plants, and false objects to dress up and give a bit of style to a frame that may be made of raw wood.
  • A baroque frame: The baroque frame style involves opulent colours and materials found in the form of gold plating, lace, and glitter, often contrasted with each other. Contemporary baroque frames go very well with colours such as glossy black, gold, silver, red, and even purple. These days, the baroque style is often quirky and unconventional – that is to say, a baroque mirror may be combined with other objects of different styles.
  • A Venetian frame: Known as a luxurious, sumptuous, and prestigious decorative object, the Venetian frame comes from the Renaissance era, when the city of Venice was known for its glass work. These days, it can be found in various forms: blown glass, cut, polished, chiseled, engraved, and bevelled.

Redefining its shape and size

To give your favourite mirror a majestic look and a new beauty, you can redefine its shape and size. The bigger the mirror, the more majestic it will be and the more attention it will attract within a room. While a horizontal mirror will accentuate the length of a room, a vertical mirror will visually increase its height. The choice of shape and size when restoring a mirror should ideally be made based on the room where it will be installed, although the style of a home’s decor is often the same in every room. This decorative object will therefore give the illusion of movement and a deeper, brighter, more open feel to a space. Indeed, mirrors are the best allies of decorators who want to bring more light to a room.

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